Our son was moving to Arizona and taking the family cat along (they had a very tight bond) which was going to leave a void in our home. I visited Helping Paws because a friend volunteers there and I was curious. Upon entering the kitten room I saw many adorable kittens and probably could have taken them all home. But the first one I held who was called “Timon” at the just grabbed my heartstrings. So I completed the adoption requirements and was approved. And a few days later when our son left with our beloved cat in tow, my husband and I headed to Helping Paws to pick up our new family member which we renamed Schnickel”Fritz”. Which is a German term of endearment! The name fits him perfectly! He immediately took to our home and even our 1 year old puppy. This picture pretty much sums up our purring machine’s adjustment to his forever home.