Beagle Mix – Tan/White – 1 year, 10 months – Female/Medium

Wendy came to us from another shelter and has been at Helping Paws since 6/28/16.

See what some of our volunteers have to say…

Wendy is a beautiful, sweet dog who gives wonderful hugs and kisses and loves to be pampered. She is very food motivated but listens well to the commands “Sit” and “Down”. Wendy would do best with an experienced dog person willing to spend time and energy with training. She’s strong on the leash, but can easily be walked with treats in hand. She absolutely loves squeaky toys, playing fetch and is good with most other dogs. 

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Wendy is one of the special girls at Helping Paws. She came to us as a shy, scared girl and has blossomed into a smart, sweet, and friendly dog. Wendy loves to go for walks (and loves her harness). She remembers her walkers, always greets them with her “smiling eyes” and wagging tail. She needs patience getting used to new situations, but once comfortable she will reward you with her loyalty. 

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Wendy is a very smart dog who loves to please and getting pet. She is generally a fun and happy dog. Wendy can be a bit high strung when stressed out, but calms down just by talking to her.


Please come and visit Wendy today to see how she fits in with your family!

All animals deserve a loving home and a second chance.