Domestic Mix – Grey/White – 6 years, 7 months – Female/Medium

Bella came to us as a relinquishment and has been at Helping Paws since 8/14.

See what some of our volunteers have to say…

Bella is a beautiful long-haired cat. Her favorite place is sitting by the sink waiting for someone to give her a drink. If you like pretty cats with a little bit of sass, Bella is the cat for you! 

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Bella is a beautiful and independent girl. She would be the perfect cat for a person that wants a companion, but not one who demands a lot of attention all the time. Bella enjoys sitting next to you or on your lap for pets once she gets to know you. I definitely think she wouldn’t mind being an “only” cat as she doesn’t seek the company of other cats.

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Bella would do best in a house with no other pets.  She is a sweet cat, but sometimes will lash out at other cats because she has gotten picked on. Bella likes to be pet on her own time and she’ll let you know when she’s done. She also likes being out in the catio and loves the fresh air. 

Please come and visit Bella today and see if she will fit in with your family!

All animals deserve a loving home and a second chance.