Domestic Mix – Black/Blond – 11 years, 10 months – Female/Small

Zsa Zsa was abandoned and has been at Helping Paws since 4/15.

See what some of our volunteers have to say…

ZsaZsa is a wonderful sweet and older petite girl She doesn’t look or act like a “senior” at all. She will play with almost any kind of toy, be it chasing a ping pong ball around by herself or playing with an interactive cat toy and a person. Zsa Zsa will sit next to you and let you pet and brush her forever. I have never witnessed her getting upset with or ruffled by anybody — cat or human. I think she would be an absolute joy to have around!

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Zsa Zsa is a sweet, older girl who loves to sit in your lap and be loved. She also loves to be brushed and still plays with the best of them…you would never know her true age by the way she plays.  Zsa Zsa is an absolute sweetheart and I think she would be good in a quieter home. 

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Zsa Zsa is one of my favorites at Helping Paws! She’s an extremely mellow and sweet girl. Although she is tiny, she has a huge heart! Zsa Zsa has been through a lot over the years, but she is doing well now and would bring the right person a lot of joy! 

Please come and visit Zsa Zsa today to see if this sweet little girl is a good fit for your family!

All animals deserve a loving home and a second chance.