Chihuahua Mix – Brown/Brindle – 3 months – Male/Small

Bo came to us from Kentucky and has been at Helping Paws since 1/24/17.

See what some of our volunteers have to say…

Bo is a sweet little puppy with lots of energy. He likes to play tug and will chase balls and seems to get along well with other dogs. Bo also gives kisses and likes to cuddle when he has used up his puppy play energy. He prefers cuddling up on his fleece blanket instead of a doggie bed. Bo is a super smart boy, so he will learn quickly.

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Bo is a spunky little guy who loves to cuddle and give kisses when he gets tired. He’s definitely a higher energy dog, despite his small size. Bo likes kids and he likes to play. He doesn’t need a lot of room, so he would be good for someone who lives in condo, apartment or townhouse. 

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Bo is a really sweet boy and loves to play. He is very outgoing and has lots of puppy energy! Bo will be small, but he has the personality of a 50 pound pup! He would be perfect for anyone looking for a great, upbeat companion! 

Please come and visit Bo today to see how this sweet little guy will fit in with your family!

All animals deserve a loving home and a second chance.