When I took my daughter’s Brownie Scout Troop to Helping Paws for a tour, I wasn’t even thinking about adopting a new pet. We were there to drop off donations, meet the requirement of a Brownie Scout badge and learn about the importance of shelters. Then we would go home and move on to the next badge. I thought that would be the end of the story, but I was wrong. As the girls were enjoying their time playing with the cats, I had the pleasure of watching my daughter fall in love with Wylie. She was instantly drawn to him and he seemed to like her, too. He stood up in his circle bed and turned around and laid his back right up against her and rubbed his head on her hand. I’ll never forget the look of pure love and joy that she had on her face when she looked up at me at that moment.

It didn’t take long for my son, husband and I to fall in love with Wylie, too. After 2 more visits to the shelter and a few trips to the pet store, Wylie came HOME on May 15, 2013. It was the best and easiest decision we ever made. He was a little nervous at first when we brought him home, but by the end of that day he was cuddled up by us on the couch like he had lived there forever. He greets us when we come home and is always ready to share love or play with his toys with us. We recently celebrated his 7th birthday and we couldn’t imagine our lives without him. He is so sweet! The meowing conversations that he has with us completely melt our hearts. He loves to purr, sleep face to face with my daughter, play” (lay on the instructions and roll in the pieces) Legos with my son, nuzzle, get brushed and pet, and love on all of us. Someone recently said that Wylie was lucky to have us, but actually we are the lucky ones to have him. He makes us very happy and we love him so much!