I went to Helping Paws looking for an older, easy going companion for my 14 year old and blind Pitbull Rose. Just a few months before that I lost my other dog Albert to an illness. Rose and Albert were together for many years and I new I would need a dog who would respect Rose’s age and disabilities and I found him.

Winston was almost 10 yrs old when I adopted him from Helping Paws and came to Helping Paws from another shelter where he most likely would have been put down because of his age. He has been a great addition to my family. Winston blended right into the mix with my Rose and we never looked back.

Later in 2013 as Rose’s health declined, I wanted to get another companion for Winston and I found Wally at Helping Paws. Wally was considered special needs because of a heart murmur which is easily managed by a daily medication. Wally was nearly three years old and provided just the right amount of spunk to help keep Winston active and youthful.

Winston and Wally, like the other dogs and cats at Helping Paws are just looking for the right family and opportunity to thrive and be happy. People say that they should be lucky I adopted them but I’m certain that I am the lucky one.

Debbie Ballard