I adopted Toffee from the Helping Paws Animal Shelter in February 2012 when she was six years old. For several years I wanted to have a pet cat, but kept putting it off for no real reason in particular. When I finally visited this shelter where my mom has been volunteering, I knew right away this was the cat for me. Toffee was the only one that woke up from a cat nap while I was petting her, and promptly began purring. She is very sweet and will curl up next to my pillow when I sleep and likes to lay on me when I read a book. She is also playful and loves to chase after her toy “mouseys.” She also enjoys sitting in the window watching the birds fly by or sitting atop her cat tree watching me move about my apartment. She even likes her daily brushings and being picked up and held. For all these reasons, I now know why it took me so long to finally adopt a cat…I was just waiting to find this very special kitty!