It’s been almost a year since we adopted Smokie. Someone once told me the cat picks their person, I believe that since I had no intentions of adopting that day. After we saw him, I was filling out paperwork. He is a five year old russian blue who spent three weeks under our bed. The night before we went on vacation, he finally was brave enough to come out as if to say “don’t leave me.  I’m outSmokie-287x297 now.”  Smokie has to be where the action is at all times. He is curious but likes people at a distance. His favorite activity is watching bluie and firefish our two Betta fish. I know he was taken care of by his previous owner but I’m sure glad we were given the opportunity for Smokie to have second chance with us. I highly recommend Helping Paws, they truly want a safe, loving and forever home for the animals.

The Rentins