We adopted Heidi (formerly Chrissy) in 2011. When we got her home we found out that she had fear aggression toward men, including my husband. I called the shelter for guidance. They thought that I wanted to return her. I told them that when we adopted her we made a commitment to take care of her and would do everything we could. They recommended we take her to trainer Kirk Halma. Kirk evaluated her and we began her training. It was difficult at first because she had so much anxiety. But we stuck to it and now Heidi is a well adjusted member of our family. A repairman was at our home shortly after we got Heidi and she growled and snapped at him. He was back a few weeks ago. After petting Heidi for several minutes, he said “so I see you got rid of that mean dog”. I told him, that is the mean dog. Now my husband is Heidi’s favorite!