We love our Hannah Jo. She’s not going to be a little dog as we all had anticipated. We actually had her DNA testing done and the main breeds that came up were Alaskan Malamute and American Stafford Terrier (pit bull breed). We do not care and love her and await at how large she’s going to get. Our vet thinks she will be about 60-65 lbs. But he is guessing. She’s been to the vet 3 times since we’ve gotten her. We had her checked over once we got her home, then she’s gone back for check up and nail trimming. She just recently had another visit so she’s well known there at Perryville Pet Hospital.

Her name remains Hannah Jo (with some nicknames, banana hannah, jo jo, etc)

We have no concerns with her, just basically did the DNA testing because she was getting so darn tall. I couldn’t figure it out. She also doesn’t have any of the bad genes that dogs sometimes get for illnesses. So we enjoy her, she runs, she’s already gotten in the inground swimming pool with the other lab and they have swam. She’s a happy baby and we love her. I have attached a few recent pics of her. She loves to chew on my old crappy shoes. She also talks. Every time we leave them to run errands or whatever — when we come back –she lets us know she wasn’t happy. Her and the lab talk to each other every day. It’s something to see and hear.