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It’s kitten season and Helping Paws needs YOUR help in order to care for all the tiny kittens headed our way.  Kitten season is when pregnant and nursing cats and orphaned kittens flood our shelter.  With so many kittens in foster care (or expected to be in foster care) we need a little help.  We are holding a month long “kitten shower” from June 1st to June 30th to help gather some much needed items.  Come stop by our shelter and place your donation in our “kitty playpen” during business hours and please visit with all our adoptable cats and kittens!
Here are the items we can really use:
  • kitten nursing bottles
  • replacement nipples for bottles
  • baby food (turkey or chicken meat only)
  • kitten milk replacement powder or cans
  • low sided cat pans or 9×12 foil cake pans
  • clay litter
  • kitten wet food (Little Friskies Kitten)
  • kitten dry food (Kitten Chow)
  • toys
  • paper towels
  • unscented cat/kitten wipes
  • litter scoops
  • kitten shampoo
  • wash cloths
  • tooth brushes to groom kittens
  •  cat nail clippers
  • heating pads or heating disc & covers (snuggle safe)
  • towels
  • cat beds
  • pop-up pet playpens
  • Stretch & Scratch scratching pads for cages (link to site)
  • monetary donations
  • gift cards – Petsmart, Walmart, Target etc.
Also, since we take in approximately 200 kittens each season, we sometimes have trouble coming up with names. Drop off your suggestions, with your name and email inthe container at our front desk and help name our new arrivals.  We will let you know if we use your name(s).

Check out all the other events during Adopt a Shelter Cat Month and be sure to get your raffle ticket for making a donation!