Adopt Someone Special

Are you looking to bring a ‘special’ someone into your home?

Many people adopt animals because they want to make a difference in the lives of a homeless pet. Of course, the majority of dogs and cats are adopted fairly quickly. However, there are always some, who for a variety of reasons can be overlooked; some staying in shelters for months or even years.

At Helping Paws, we have a few animals who are ‘special’ and need an exceptional person to love and care for them. Many are just shy, requiring an extra-patient adopter with a quiet household. Others have minor, treatable health issues. A few have some behavioral issues that will require a little extra time and understanding to work through.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." — Anatole France

We feel there is a home for every homeless animal, including the 'special' ones in our care. Are you someone who can open your heart and home to an animal that really needs you? Consider adopting one of these animals.


Date of Birth 5-2-09 Like his sister, Jaspur, Jinx has had a difficult time adjusting to the commotion of shelter life. He is always overlooked because he hides out much of the time. His eyes are slightly crossed, which may cause him some trouble seeing. If approached slowly and quietly, he accepts being petted and enjoys having kitty treats.



Date of Birth 5-2-09 She's a lovely dark tortie who came to the shelter as a tiny kitten. Because she is so shy, she did have had a hard time adjusting to all the commotion in the shelter. At first she kept mostly to herself but she does get along with the adult cats in the room. She will tolerate some attention once she warms up to you but will need a guardian with lots of patience and understanding.



Date of Birth 4-2-02 Jag is a sleek, black short-haired male who likes to be in charge of things. He's been overlooked all his life because one of his eyes is a bit crooked and weepy. This intelligent guy is active and curious and can be very vocal at times. He loves food and especially kitty treats.



Date of Birth 1-20-01 She's a beautiful senior calico who has lived most of her life at Helping Paws. She is very fearful of being touched, though she gets along well with many of the other adult cats. Because of her extreme shyness, she would need someone with a lot of patience and understanding.



Date of Birth 8-19-06 Found as a pregnant mom by a kind person who brought her to us back in 2006. She's a sweet little cat with soft, gray tabby coat and gorgeous bright green eyes. She enjoys being petted and can be quite talkative at times. She would prefer a home with no children.