Adopt Someone Special

Are you looking to bring a ‘special’ someone into your home?

Many people adopt animals because they want to make a difference in the lives of a homeless pet. Of course, the majority of dogs and cats are adopted fairly quickly. However, there are always some, who for a variety of reasons can be overlooked; some staying in shelters for months or even years.

At Helping Paws, we have a few animals who are ‘special’ and need an exceptional person to love and care for them. Many are just shy, requiring an extra-patient adopter with a quiet household. Others have minor, treatable health issues. A few have some behavioral issues that will require a little extra time and understanding to work through.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." — Anatole France

We feel there is a home for every homeless animal, including the 'special' ones in our care. Are you someone who can open your heart and home to an animal that really needs you? Consider adopting one of these animals.


Date of Birth 6-20-08 Charles was found as a stray. A man took him in but decided to relinquish him when he had to move. Charles is FIV+.  He would be great with another FIV+ cat or an only cat.  He is a big guy who weighs 19 pounds and gets along wonderfully with his companion Tinkerbell who is also FIV+.   With a slow introduction he could live with a non FIV+ cat as FIV+ is not contagious and can only be contracted by a [...]



Date of Birth 5-15-07 He's a very handsome orange and white cat who love to snuggle.  He was dropped at our shelter but obviously was someone's cat.  He loves snuggling with the other cats.  He is just waiting for someone to give him a new home!



Date of Birth 3-01-09 Sunshine was a mom to a litter of kittens when she came to us. She is a very friendly cat who loves to be scratched on her ears and is looking for a good home. She is a beautiful Tortie. Come in and see her today.



Date of Birth 3-18-2009 Alice is a cat who came to us from Hebron, she was a mom to five kittens. She can be a little chatterbox when trying to get your attention.  This little lady has a beautiful white bib and white along her legs to make her stand out from the crowd of other tabbies in the cat room. She would love to have a human and a home to call her own.



Date of Birth 4-15-03 This very handsome guy is extremely shy and afraid of loud noises and quick movements. He is very observant and sensitive, who will warm up with kindness and patience. Once he trust you, he really welcomes petting and belly rubs. He'd do best in a quiet household with no small children.


Queen Bee

Date of Birth 6-1-07 She's a beautiful cat with grey and orange fur. She has a chattering sound she makes that is very cute. Though a bit shy at first, she comes out of her shell at lunchtime to sit up on her hind legs to beg for her meal. She enjoys human attention and will make a good companion once she has adjusted to a new forever home.


Pop Tart

Date of Birth 6-1-09 He's a handsome young tabby with interesting markings. Though he is very intelligent, playful and curious, he has been adopted and returned more than once. He seems to have a difficult time adjusting to new homes as well as new cats in those households. Maybe if he was adopted with one of his buddies he could adjust better.



Date of Birth 6-20-04 This small, gray little one is a quiet little lady and a bit shy too. If approached calmly, she accepts a bit of petting and enjoys being talked to, but not picked up. She has a playful side and likes running around the room after the laser tag light.


Lily B

Date of Birth 1-18-06 She's a beautiful cat who catches everyone's eye because of her gorgeous grey fur and orange spot on the top of her head. Because she's so shy, she has spent all her life at the shelter. Once she feels safe with someone, she enjoys being petted but is still afraid of being picked up. It would be a dream come true if she could be adopted into a quiet, patient household with one or more of her shelter buddies.



Date of Birth - 10-14-05 She and her buddy Paxil were relinquished by their guardians who moved out of the country. If adopted, it must be with her lifelong buddy Paxil too. Kitty enjoys playing with catnip toys and laser tag toys when she's not lounging around. She's a sweet little gal who deserves a forever home.