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Date of Birth 8-19-06 Found as a pregnant mom by a kind person who brought her to us back in 2006. She's a sweet little cat with soft, gray tabby coat and gorgeous bright green eyes. She enjoys being petted and can be quite talkative at times. She would prefer a home with no children.


Happy Tail: Ella

We adopted Ella from Helping Paws in February 2014. There was no adjustment period for us as Ella fit perfectly into our families life style. We immediately found out that Ella loves car rides and going on any adventure, whether small or big. She has captured the hearts of everyone that meets her including all the dogs on the walking path. Knowing that we gave Ella a new life is so rewarding. We could not imagine our life without her. Thank you Helping Paws for [...]


Happy Tail: Wylie

When I took my daughter's Brownie Scout Troop to Helping Paws for a tour, I wasn't even thinking about adopting a new pet. We were there to drop off donations, meet the requirement of a Brownie Scout badge and learn about the importance of shelters. Then we would go home and move on to the next badge. I thought that would be the end of the story, but I was wrong. As the girls were enjoying their time playing with the cats, I had the [...]


Happy Tail: Martha & Matilda

We were so impressed with the people at Helping Paws that we decided to join the fundraising committee to keep this wonderful animal shelter open. Martha wears a sign board to advertise various events for Helping Paws and the Bull Valley Garden Club - Martha enjoys meeting everyone who stops to talk to her. They bring joy to our lives every day! Tilly in red and Martha in blue love to play in the snow! Mary Moltmann


Happy Tail: Smokie

It's been almost a year since we adopted Smokie. Someone once told me the cat picks their person, I believe that since I had no intentions of adopting that day. After we saw him, I was filling out paperwork. He is a five year old russian blue who spent three weeks under our bed. The night before we went on vacation, he finally was brave enough to come out as if to say "don't leave me.  I'm out now."  Smokie has to be where the [...]


Happy Tail: Sadie & Manny

We adopted both of our cats from Helping Paws. We adopted Sadie 1 1/2 yrs ago. (black and white cat). She was 4 at the time. We had no background on Sadie and still learning alot about her daily. Then last August we adopted Manny (tabby) who was 4 months old. He is a quite a lover. Still gets into his share of trouble including harassing Sadie. He loves being held over your shoulder just hanging. They both quickly became part of our family.


Happy Tail: Patti

Shortly after putting my Rottweiler mix down I realized that I couldn’t spend another weekend at home with out a dog. So I walked into Helping Paws and told the receptionist that I was looking for a new bed partner. Without missing a beat she asked: What language would your bed partner speak. Answer: Woof. I was led into the kennels. As I walked the aisles looking at the hopeful dogs doing their best to stand out among their competition thoughts my crossed mind. Too [...]


Happy Tail: Nelly & Annie

Nelly (aka Kim) is what many people refer to as a "foster failure." I fostered her and two of her sisters and ended up adopting Nelly. She is the sweetest puppy and has been a great addition to my family. Nelly loves playing with her older sister, Annie, who was adopted from Helping Paws in 2009. They get along great and Annie is so happy to have a permanent playmate.


Happy Tail: Heidi

We adopted Heidi (formerly Chrissy) in 2011. When we got her home we found out that she had fear aggression toward men, including my husband. I called the shelter for guidance. They thought that I wanted to return her. I told them that when we adopted her we made a commitment to take care of her and would do everything we could. They recommended we take her to trainer Kirk Halma. Kirk evaluated her and we began her training. It was difficult at first because [...]


Happy Tail: Toffee

I adopted Toffee from the Helping Paws Animal Shelter in February 2012 when she was six years old. For several years I wanted to have a pet cat, but kept putting it off for no real reason in particular. When I finally visited this shelter where my mom has been volunteering, I knew right away this was the cat for me. Toffee was the only one that woke up from a cat nap while I was petting her, and promptly began purring. She is very [...]