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Happy Tail: Wrigley

Hyundai’s new name is Wrigley! He is a good boy and we all love him very much! He is definitely a goofball! Wrigley has been to the vet multiple times. He has gotten him rabies, distemper, lepto, proheart injection, and is on a chewable for fleas and ticks! We have no worries or concerns with Wrigley. He is doing great! The adoption process was fairly quick and very easy! I would definitely adopt again! Tina


Happy Tail: Kendra

We kept the name Kendra. She’s a very sweet happy girl. She had decided she likes to sleep on the couch and the bed. She also likes her dog bed. She has been to the vet and checked for hook worms which were present. We gave her the medicine and it seems to have taken care of it. She gets along well with the other dogs and always try’s to get them to play with her. The only concern we have is she won’t tell [...]


Happy Tail: Scout

Hershey’s new name is Scout (after the character in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird). He has successfully learned sit, lay down, give paw, stand up, leave it, look at me, jump and stay. He will be attending obedience school in July to work on jumping up on people and biting. He has been to the vet multiple times since being adopted and is up to date on all vaccines. He loves to go for walks with his best doggie friend. He enjoys all toys [...]


Happy Tail: Winnie

Tinkerbelle's new name is Winnie. Things have been going fairly good since we brought her home. We took her to the vet and found that she had a case of hookworm, but is has been resolved. We also found out that she is between 1 and 2 years old. We have no concerns or worries about Winnie. We love her very much! Sharon


Happy Tail: Hannah Jo

We love our Hannah Jo. She's not going to be a little dog as we all had anticipated. We actually had her DNA testing done and the main breeds that came up were Alaskan Malamute and American Stafford Terrier (pit bull breed). We do not care and love her and await at how large she's going to get. Our vet thinks she will be about 60-65 lbs. But he is guessing. She's been to the vet 3 times since we've gotten her. We had her [...]


Happy Tail: Tony

Toblerone's new name is Tony! Everything is going great with him! He is a very rambunctious pup! But so loving! We have not taken him to the vet but intend to in the next month or so as we need to get him his rabies vacinations Nothing has happened that's worried us. He's a pretty normal puppy with a ton of energy! Emily


Happy Tail: Poe

Whitman is now Poe. He is doing really well and we love him so much! He started puppy training at Camp Bow Wow and he has been learning a lot and has been doing really well. Poe has been to the vet a couple times now for a check up and vaccines. It all went well and he is a healthy puppy. We have no concerns and we couldn’t have asked for a better puppy! I’ve attached a recent picture of Poe. Thanks for reaching [...]


Happy Tail: KC

Thank you for checking in, Dove has a new name, KC. She is doing great, growing fast. She has been to the vet several times to get all her shots and wellness checks. We did have KC’s dna tested and learned that she is primarily, Collie, Husky, Boxer, Parson Russell Terrier and Lab. She has completed puppy training at Northwest Obedience and is looking forward to starting beginner class. Thank you for all you do at Helping Paws! Teri


Happy Tail: Ellie Mae

I'm just in love with Ellie. I named her Ellie Mae, and she is the most wonderful little dog. She is completely house trained. She has gained over three pounds since I brought her home. I did take her to my vet right after I got her. He estimates her age is at least ten years. She has one toy that she loves and tosses around. I love Helping Paws and would recommend you to anyone looking for a dog or cat. Thank you so [...]


Happy Tail: Belle Brighton Allison

Brighton’s new name is Belle. Her full name is Belle Brighton Allison. Everything is going very well! She did training with an in home trainer, Kim, which included basic training along with boundary training. She especially loves going on walks with a long leash so she can release her puppy energy. She is up to date with all her vet visits and vaccinations. The vet predicts she will be 50 lbs. We did a DNA test with her and the results said she is 25% [...]

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