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Happy Tail: Meatball

We tried renaming her to Zoey, but she wasn't having it, so we stick with Meatball!! She is incredibly sweet and always wanting to play! She is pretty leash aggressive, which we are trying to train her to be better. The shelter told us she was incredible on the leash during walks, but we haven't found that to be the case yet. A lot of new smells and things to see so she is consistently pulling, but training is under way! She has been to [...]


Happy Tail: Han

Kylie's new name is Han. He has been to the vet. He is spoiled rotten now. He also lost some weight! Koby


Happy Tail: Daisy

Our dog was renamed Daisy, she is fantastic and totally rules the house. She went to the vet her first week and everything seems good,our vet loves her. Daisy is very charming and is getting along great with our other dog. Here is a photo from when she basically plopped in his lap. Thank you! Karen


Happy Tail: Luna

Everything is going great! We adopted Meenie and renamed her Luna. She is the happiest and most loveable kitten I have ever met. I took her to the vet within her first two weeks of coming home. She had gotten a cold after coming home so we wanted to make sure she didn't get sick. She was on an antibiotic for a little bit after but she has been great ever since! This was our first adoption process and it went very smoothly and I [...]


Happy Tail: Nala

We are happy to report that Nala (we kept her adopted name) is doing fantastic! Nala is such a lover and is always near us. She loves her human brother and sister and protects her youngest human baby brother. She loves playing fetch whether inside or outside in her backyard. She goes to the vet regularly. Since she is still growing we go once a month for her heart guard. Thank you for our forever pup ❤️ we love her so much. Kayla


Happy Tail: Jamee

Does your new pet have a new name since being adopted? Romeo changed to Jamee How is everything going since you've adopted? Wonderful-everyone loves Jamee and vice versa Have you taken your new pet to the vet since adopting her/him? How did it go? Yes- 1st couple weeks, didn’t eat and drink, became dehydrated. Was on tick meds plus a lot of changes for little guy. Loves his walks, won’t go (poop) in his own yard, still working on this. Has anything happened that concerns [...]


Happy Tail: Brody & Scout

Cheddar & Feta have been renamed Brody & Scout! They have been such good puppies and we can’t wait to see them grow! We have still yet to do the DNA testing, but we suspect that their other half is Rottweiler. They are extremely friendly when meeting new people and dogs. They have gone to the vet a few times since their adoption, and they are showing no serious problems! We love these two so much! John


Happy Tail: Schnickel”Fritz”

Our son was moving to Arizona and taking the family cat along (they had a very tight bond) which was going to leave a void in our home. I visited Helping Paws because a friend volunteers there and I was curious. Upon entering the kitten room I saw many adorable kittens and probably could have taken them all home. But the first one I held who was called “Timon” at the just grabbed my heartstrings. So I completed the adoption requirements and was approved. And [...]


Happy Tail: Haze

Freckles has a new name, Haze. Everything has been going great since I adopted her. I love her! She knows how to play fetch with her ball and now is catching her ball in mid air! I took her to the vet and my vet loved her. She is doing really well and I don't have any concerns or worries with Haze at this time. Jessica


Happy Tail: Leo

Lewis’ name changed to Leo! Everything is going wonderfully! He loves doing tricks, especially if there are treats involved. He now loves car rides and loves riding with the windows down. He still loves to cuddle! I have taken him to the vet. He was very healthy overall except for his dandruff. However, I put him on a salmon based dog food diet and it is much better. His hair has grown in much better, to the point where my mom thought he gained weight!😂 [...]

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